With constantly developing industry, technology and increasing population, our natural resources are decreasing day by day and nature is irreversibly destroyed.

The reuse of waste paper as raw material is provided by recycling facilities so that the increased consumption does not harm natural balance and harm to nature.

Yürekli Kağıt started its commercial life in 1960 with the collection, separation and sale of scrap paper. With years of experience and care, Yürekli Kağıt constantly strengthens its position among the best in the sector.

With a capacity of 250 tons per day, Yenibosna’s 4000 m2 facility sells raw materials to both the domestic and overseas paper mills.

In accordance with the provisions of the “Communiqué on Recovery of Certain Non-Hazardous Wastes” published in the Official Gazette No. 27967 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, it continues its activities with the Non-Hazardous Waste Collection-Separation Certificate.

Our Mission;

  • To be a leader in our own industry and a recognized company in the world that we have respect and love in nature
  • Continue to grow by providing continuity of our investments
  • To keep the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees ahead, to aim one step forward all together
  • To increase our productivity

General Manager

Ercan Yürekli was born in 1972. After graduating from Galatasaray Lisesi, he continued to Yıldız Technical University Department of Civil Engineering. He joined the family business in 1998 and became general manager in 2004 after serving in various positions. He is married and has one child. He speaks French and English well.